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Humanity vs Dogity




Direct download links for OS X 10.7.2

Download iOS 5.0 IPSW Firmware Official Public apple

iOS 5 direct download links: iPhone 3GSiPhone 4 GSMiPhone 4 CDMAiPadiPad 2 (also iPad 2,2 and

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 NEW

Download Official Facebook for iPad 2, 1

Download Official Facebook for iPad 2, 1

reservar el Iphone 4S en Estados Unidos, también libre de fabrica en noviembre

Como se anunció y esperaba, el nuevo Iphone 4S disponible en preorden desde la página web, ahora se podrá comprar antes y esperar su llegada a la residencia, por otro lado se confirma el Iphone 4S libre para todos, los precios están disponibles y estarán a la venta en Noviembre. Los precios son:                                                     - Iphone 4S 16 GB – 649 USD - Iphone 4S 32 GB – 749 USD - Iphone 4S  64 GB – 849 USD

RIP Steve Jobs


Iphone 4s vs Iphone 4 vs Galaxy S 2


Let's Talk iPhone' keynote liveblog

http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/04/apples-lets-talk-iphone-keynote-liveblog?sort=newest&refresh=60                          12 de octubre lanzamiento ios 5

1:38PM Now it's photos time. "Your photos are now on your camera roll, and you wish they were on all of your devices." Pictures go up to the cloud from your iPhone and then get shot out to all your other devices.

1:37PM Eddy's reminding that you can download and re-download your music or media anytime and on any device.

1:37PM Having more WWDC flashbacks. Is this Moscone? What day is it?

1:36PM It's recap time again... we're talking iTunes in the Cloud.
1:36PM "It just works, and iCloud is free."
1:36PM "We've integrated it right into our apps, so everything happens automatically."

1:36PM Eddy Cue is up on stage now to talk about iCloud.
1:35PM Get your downloads going.

1:35PM iOS 5 drops on October 12th!

1:34PM Now Scott's recapping the PC Free feature, so you can activate your devic…